Nikola Urosevic

Nikola Urosevic

Years Played in Troyka: 8 years (2005-2014)

Other Clubs you played for: Rep Basketball: Trojka, North Toronto Huskies, Gary Durant Heat
Highschool: North Toronto Collegiate Institute
University: Toronto Metropolitan University (previously known as Ryerson University
Position: Small Forward, Power Forward, Center
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 190 lbs

1. What are you doing now ?

I am currently studying to get my Master of Science in Physiotherapy. I am studying abroad in Aberdeen, Scotland at Robert Gordon University. After graduation I am hoping to be a sports physio.

2. What are your top athletic achievements?

3x Division 2 Bronze Medal (OBA – Trojka)
2x OUA Silver Medal (Ontario Provincial Championship – Ryerson)
1x Usports Silver Medal (Canadian National Championship – Ryerson)
1x Usports Bronze Medal (Canadian National Championship – Ryerson)

3. What are your top academic/professional achievements?

Bachelor of Science (Hons) – Toronto Metropolitan University (previously known as Ryerson University) – 2017-2022
• Major: Biomedical Sciences (Hons), Minor: Psychology, Minor: Computer Science
3x Recipient of Academic scholarship presented by Ryerson Athletics – 2017-2020
2x Dean’s List Honors – 2019/20, 2020/21 Academic years
OUA Academic All-Star – 2019/20 Academic year

4. What are your favourite basketball memories/experiences?

As a member of the Ryerson basketball team, I was given an opportunity to see completely different parts of the country that I wouldn’t normally get a chance to. We had a preseason tournament in Victoria BC, giving us a chance to experience the west coast. Additionally, we travelled to Halifax, Nova Scotia to play in Nationals, giving us a chance to experience the east coast.

Additionally with Ryerson, we played a preseason game against the Duke Men’s Basketball team, during the height of the Zion Williamson & RJ Barett hype.

Lastly, with Trojka I got experience every Raptors fan’s dream of playing on the Raps home court. With the annual Trojka Raptors Day where we would go watch a game and after the game we would go play on the court.

5. What is your favourite memory from your time with Troyka?

During my first year playing rep basketball, the U10 Boys Trojka team travelled to Chatham ON to compete in the OBA division 2 championship. We all stayed in a hotel together, running around the halls, pool, and arcade. We ended up winning a bronze medal and really cementing that brotherhood that Trojka represents.

6. How has Troyka contributed to your success?

My time with Trojka has contributed greatly to who I am. Trojka exposed me to basketball in 2005 and still to this day I proudly represent everything Trojka stands for. It helped foster my love for the sport that I continue to play to this day almost 20 years after my first day in Trojka.

Trojka encouraged us to build friendships on and off the court. Always going that extra mile to organise social events for us to attend, such as: Milton picnic, Raptors games, Anniversary Formals.

Trojka allowed me to stay connected to my Serbian heritage and helped me tap into the Serbian community in Toronto.

7. What do you think are the most important areas for young athletes to focus on?

I think the most important aspect for all young athletes is focus on the fundamentals. Everything will fall into place when the fundamentals are strong. I have played with a lot of great players both within Trojka and Ryerson, and the common factors between them all is that their fundamentals were the strongest part of their game.

Equally as important, I think all young athletes need to focus on their academics. At this level as well as the next level, academics will keep you on the court. I have seen players sidelined because of school falling to the side. Always remember that academics are just as important as on court performance.

8. Any final thoughts you’d like to share with the next generations of Troyka athletes?

Have fun. It can be very easy to focus on the wrong things and forget why we love this game that we play. The reason why we picked up a basketball in the first place is because it was fun. Some of the best times I’ve ever had with my friends was just playing 3×3 at our local outdoor court. Never forget that this should be fun.