Andre Garic

Andre Garic

Years Played in Troyka: 2009-2016

Other Clubs you played for: Metro Prep Academy, Peoples, North Toronto
Position: G/F
Height: 6’5
Weight: 200 lbs

1. What are you doing now?

I am currently working as a Portfolio Manager for the government

2. What are your top athletic achievements?

My top athletic achievement was receiving a full athletic scholarship to play basketball at Metro Prep Academy for two years in Grade 11 and 12. I was able to travel all over Canada and the United States, playing in many games and tournaments, while making memories in different cities, and building lifelong relationships with my teammates and coaches during these trips.

3. What are your top academic/professional achievements?

My top academic achievement was finishing my Undergraduate studies at Ryerson University (now Toronto Metropolitan University) and receiving my Bachelor of Commerce diploma. Aside from that, I am proud to have taken additional courses at UofT as well as pursued additional professional certificates, as it led to my top professional achievement, which is being hired as one of only 4 portfolio managers for a large, $1.2B project.

4. What are your favourite basketball memories/experiences?

Two things really stand out to me as my favourite memories in basketball:
1) All of the tournaments and practices with my teammates who became brothers for life (because of Trojka). The moments we shared in the hotels, at restaurants, as well as the hard work and discipline we shared on the court, and;
2) All of the times I was by myself in the gym, working on my game. In some ways these are the best memories since they are ones that you carry with pride, ones that grow your character and have the biggest impact on your development.

The “coolest” stories I have are playing with and against many players who have gone on to the NBA (Oshae Brissett, Dalano Banton, Ignas Brazdeikis, etc.) but really for me the coolest stories were the memories I built with my teammates.

5. What is your favourite memory from your time with Troyka?

My favourite memory was the first time I went to a Trojka party in Milton during the summer. Seeing how big the community was, and how nice it was to spend the day outdoors with the club – playing basketball, throwing water balloons, and socializing with people I haven’t had a chance to meet yet.

After the first time, I made sure to go every year from then on.

6. How has Troyka contributed to your success?

Troyka has helped me in many ways. By teaching me the fundamentals from a young age, I had the knowledge and experience to work as a coach during my time studying in University. This helped me to earn money and pay off my studies while doing what I love, coaching youth basketball.

Aside from that, almost all of the closest friends I have today are from the Troyka community. The community has helped me meet some incredible people – and the thing that I appreciate the most is that we have a community that is so willing to help one another. I have gotten professional working opportunities through peers I know through Troyka, and in the same way I have helped others find opportunities as well.

There is no limit to what you can do with a strong network around you, and Troyka is really the strongest network I could have asked for in life.

7. What do you think are the most important areas for young athletes to focus on?

In today’s world, with social media, short attention spans, and nobody willing to work hard, I think the most important thing is to learn the skill of hard work. To understand that the pain and the work will pay off in such a way that is so much more rewarding than any youtube video, or Instagram reel, or Fortnite game. Learn to love the process of improving as a player, and a person.

In terms of basketball skill, I think the most important area to focus on is understanding of the game. Study the game, understand why you are doing the things you are doing; see the floor and always know what you want to do ahead of time. If you can do this, you are already ahead of 90% of players who have the skill but not the mental game. Then there is the obvious stuff of course… Shooting, dribbling, etc.

8. Any final thoughts you’d like to share with the next generations of Troyka athletes?

Have fun, work hard, and take every opportunity you can. Don’t say no to tournaments with your teammates, or to birthdays, or team trips, etc. In the end these are the best moments and the best thing you can do for yourself is to be present and have fun.