Troyka Volunteers

Heart of Our Organization

The very heart of Troyka organization are our volunteers.

These are people who have been working with our children for many years passing on to them life skills, teaching them our most favorite game of basketball but at the same time teaching young generations how to become great humans.

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Become One of Us

If you love giving your own contribution to the wellbeing of the community, if you are passionate about helping young generations become great human beings, if you love being part of a vibrant, carrying and loving community, we would be very happy to hear from you.

Please signup with this form and our volunteering team will contact you shortly.

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Zoran Piljevic | Petar Kefer | Miroslav Pejic | Miso Silobad | Maja Vucurovic | Sonja Urosevic | Zlatko Gradascevic | Snezana Curbrilo | Milica Pejic | Slavisa Pejic | Gordana Stajic | Darko Stankovic | Dragan Matijevic | Milijana Buzanin | Ana Pucnin | …… | Veselin Bjelakovic

Hall of Fame

The Legacy

Basketball Club Troyka has been blessed to have many great volunteers who have made deep positive impact on many young generations and our community in general.

These are the people who have made a true legacy for all of us. Many thanks on behalf of all these great young people who you have helped become successful in life.

300+ Hours

The Strenght of Our Organization

These are the people who have been giving themselves unselfishly, these are the people who made the dream possible.

20 years of Troyka’s work with young generationw has been achieved through the great help of those volunteers who gave 300+ hours of their time to our community. Deep gratitude for all of your contributions. Thank you!

Biljana Tisma | Bojan Grabovac | Sasa Bjelica | FIlip Boskovic | Ranko Savic | Dragan Ujic | Belma Popovic | Boro Radovic | Mihailo Petrovic |  Nenad Milosevic | Bobo Marjanovic | Drazen Lalovic | Sladjan Lojpur | Nedeljko Buzanin | …… | Albert Straus